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Day Dreamer Kindle Cover

Day Dreamer

 Jayde Karsten, an Intersex Psychic, born in deep woods outside of New Orleans, finds himself fleeing from his family's cult formed by Jehovah's Witnesses. This cult used the religion to cover his family's murders as well as a pedophile ring hidden beneath the religion. Jayde, never knowing life outside of his family and the religion that kept him sheltered, gets thrown out for being different. He desperately tries to survive by moving into one alien life after the other despite being unequipped for anything outside his abnormal life. He was told he would never have children but finds himself being a parent at seventeen. He's then forced to marry into more abuse until he flees that life just to end up in another hell, this time in Alaska, so far from anything he once knew.

Living with mental disorders as well as genetic health disorders, children he wasn't prepared to have, never knowing anything but pain, he continues accomplishing the impossible. After his second child, he finally decides to break free and live in the open about being Intersex after having to keep it a secret during his life. In his desperate attempts to escape from his prisons, his children have to move back to the south, leaving Jayde alone in Alaska. Before he's able to move out of the frozen state, he drives back to see his children on road trips across the states each year he's in the north. He embarks on adventurous travels that surprise him with natural disasters and memories he will never forget.

While living in Alaska, he meets Lily, a young woman with various skills she's acquired while surviving in the north's frozen state. Lily, first appearing to be an ally and living companion, soon becomes more of a problem that Jayde cannot shake. Lily convinces Jayde into shady work for the two to survive. Soon after, the two meet Gene, another young woman orphaned in Alaska. Lily and Gene soon join Jayde in what is thought to be a simple party hallucinogens, turns into a doorway to

releasing hidden talents to Jayde's psychic gifts. You follow Jayde into the astral world and deep into his mind, where he unlocks blocked memories and discovers he can foresee future and past events for not only himself but also those he's around. Struggling to keep his sanity, he begins to break from his childhood pain and start healing while surviving the harsh life he's been left to navigate.

Jayde starts his own side businesses, and despite his health issues or the two girls in his life who make things worse than aid him, he manages to acquire enough money to leave Alaska. He leaves with the last of his belongings in his car and travels across the states until he ends up in California. He lives with his best friend Kirill, whom he met in Alaska until he gets his own place with the girls after they arrive in California. Jayde gets work as a full-time model, then becomes a journalist for a music festival company. After working as an entrepreneur in various work fields, he moves from an apartment into a large home in Temecula, California, after finally shedding the girls that crippled him with drama and toxicity. He finishes his first novel and begins pursuing a career as a Novelist while maintaining his work and therapy. Jayde finally gets doctors and aid with his illnesses and, for the first time in his life, sees a future for himself that isn't pain or just surviving. He sets up his new house so he may get his children back and finally have a place he can call home. Once settled, he begins his second novel, "Day Dreamer." Conquering his past, fears, and overcoming the impossible.              

Jayde believed the only limits in life are the ones you give yourself. He would never give up or lose faith, despite anything that was done to him or against him. You are not defined by your family, where you come from, your body, gender, how different you are, or your pocketbook. Life is what you make it and how hard you are willing to fight for it. Jayde believed this and, in doing so, changed his life.


"Day Dreamer" is a motivational series that touches on living with mental disorders, the paranormal, the LGBT community, religion and cults, child abuse, psychology, natural disasters, and travel. You follow Jayde through his survival and soul-searching journey, forgetting what you thought you knew about life behind and entering a new perspective. 

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3D Day Dreamer Novel image
Hard Copy Day Dreamer 2
Hard Copy Day Dreamer

Eyes Of The Jaded

Alexandre's first published novel.

Claire, being a young woman with dreams of becoming a journalist, lives out her simplistic life on the outskirts of New Orleans. Her free spirit and adventurous ambitions are imprisoned to a world of the simple south and small town demeanor. After her parent’s passing she longed to one day reignite the passion she once felt for life, but when she finds someone who will spark that light within her, will it be a bit more than she had asked for? Unexpectedly a visitor arrives into her town with more than normal intentions and secrets that will dazzle her, and the whole city. Claire, who had guarded her heart for so long, soon falls for this man, but at what cost? How far will she go for him, and what else will her efforts uncover? How could you love a man who is cursed by his very existence and how far would you go to be with him? For what dark secrets could unveil, could also set them free. When she falls in love with the damned, it will shake the very foundation of her reality, and his. Follow her in this paranormal tale of love and tragedy that bends reality to shape a new one. Leaving what life she once new, just a memory within her journal.

Eyes of the Jaded Cover
Day Dreamer 2 Cover Mockup

Day Dreamer 2 - Into The Mindscape

The Sequel and the second book in the series

This takes place after the first novel and starts off in Temecula California, but delves further into Jayde Karsten's past. Currently, this novel is in the process of being written.

Artwork from the Novels

DayDreamer Title Art
DayDreamer Title art 2
My Mindscape Art

This picture depicts part of the Mindscape

This was on the road trip. The drive through Yukon Canada

woods yukon novel art
Remote Viewing Art

Lily, Jack, and Gene. Anchorage Alaska

Jack said his goodbyes to his children in New Orleans Louisiana

goodbye to kids novel art
drugs art

Jack, Lily and Gene at a cafe in Anchorage Alaska. 

-Fighting with your mind

alaska crew and goodbye to kids novel art
childhood memory novel art

-Jack, age: 6
Pineville Louisiana

Jack, age: 6
Pineville Louisiana
Family's Land


childhood woods novel art
Liana California novel art

-Lily - Temecula California

Amara and Max - Palm Springs California

tay and myles novel art
body dysphoria novel art

-Jack - Temecula California

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Los Angeles California
- Lily, Jack, Max, and Amara


Rocky Horror Art novel art
Childhood Jack looking out window novel art

-Childhood Escape -Jack 9 Louisiana

New Orleans Holloween 
Lily, Jack, Colin


Nola Halloween Day Dreamer Art
Jack, Lily, Gene AK Sketch

-Gene, Lily, and Jack in Anchorage Alaska

For more information on the Author, check out the Bio Page 

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