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Etsy Store

Visit my Etsy Store to purchase items and browse merchandise.

Any new Art or crafts for sale are uploaded to my Etsy store- Taboo Emporium 3.

All art pieces are originals so stock stays limited. I do accept custom orders on voodoo dolls and dreamcatchers. Feel free to message me on any platform to inquire on custom orders. 

You can also find some of my products at:

The Lady Of The Lake 27326 Jefferson Ave, Temecula CA 92590

Lady of the lake shop displays
lady of the lake display of my voodoo dolls

More soon to be added!

Currently, there is a selection of my Voodoo Dolls, Gris Gris Bags, Potion Rollers, and my novels up. 

my products at lady of the lake

Thank you for browsing and please be sure to check out my store. We will be continuing to add more products each week. 

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