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Spiritual Cleansing 

Spiritual Cleansing
What Is Spiritual Cleansing?

Spiritual cleansing is a form of healing that aims to pinpoint and remedy the spiritual cause for any problem or difficulty that is presently showing up in your life. If it makes you more comfortable, you can think of this as clearing out the bad energy.

When ordinary approaches to what’s troubling you fail, you can use spiritual cleansing to get to the essence of the problem and thus solve it by looking within yourself.

Some of the things you can use spiritual cleansing for:

1. Recovering from a divorce

2. Recurrent financial problems

3. Relationship problems

4. Bad energy or lack of good feelings in the home or workplace

5. Preparing to work on your spiritual needs — perhaps before going on a spiritual retreat or undertaking meditation

6. To eliminate a nagging feeling of negative energy surrounding you

Why Do You Need to Spiritually Cleanse?

Human beings, our thoughts, our emotions, rocks, plants, light, animals, space everything. And these energies influence and change each other. If your spirit is clean and healthy, it will attract other clean and healthy spirits with clean and healthy energy.

But if you are suffering from continual problems ( regardless of whether they are mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual), then that negative energy has never left you and is still lurking there within you.

It is still affecting you — not just at the moments when you think about that negative situation, but in general because you are still holding that energy within you and taking it wherever you go.

You need to tackle the energetic cause and come to grips with it so that you can let go of that negative energy, then the physical manifestation will usually either take care of itself and go away, or it will be a whole lot easier to remove.

If you’ve ever experienced a powerful positive or negative vibe from people, things, or places, you are unintentionally acquiring that energy, and should it be negative and you permit it to stay in your energy field, it can ultimately have harmful effects on your life.

If you go through a stressful, upsetting period, you can unintentionally trigger an intense downward spiral of negativity because like attracts like.

10 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Spiritual Cleansing Ritual

A spiritual cleansing ritual is a method of ridding yourself of the negative energy that has cluttered up your life by vanquishing any recurring depression, sadness, anger, any of those unpleasant emotions that have remained in your psyche. Now before performing any type of ritual, correct preparation is essential.

1. Clear your mind

It doesn’t matter whether you use traditional meditation or just grab a few moments and find a quiet place to do some deep breathing exercises. Clearing space in your mind will permit the energy to flow unobstructed while still keeping you connected to reality and consciously present.

2. Concede to and own the negative energy

This means admitting to the specific negative energy that is burdening you. Once you take this step, you are becoming aware of the precise reason or reasons for your negative energy imbalance, and on the road to dissolving it.

3. Evaluate the negative energy

This requires determining the thinking motivating your negativity. Why have these areas of your life given you so much emotional disturbance? Once you start answering these questions, you will understand them better, which will prepare you to release them and break their hold on you.

4. Release the negative energy

Let go of the negative energy in your mind by engaging in certain practices such as visualizing the negativity, saying mantras, even perhaps physically destroying a symbolic piece of that unpleasant energy.

5. Take a walk

Walking can be an effective method of clearing your mind from the daily rubbish that fills and easing the stress that comes with it all. When you begin walking, it is important to keep your posture straight and to concentrate on feeling the energy that you are trying to dissipate.

Begin to move down to your feet. Focus on the feeling of your feet meeting the ground and release the negative energy into the earth.

6. Sound

You may not have realized this, but by harnessing sound you can move energy.

Raising the vibration level will help you to focus on breaking up the negative energy that encompasses you. You can listen to drums, bells, singing or chanting.

7. Burning

Simply write down whatever the energy you want release is on a piece of paper. Use any fireproof receptacle and light the paper, then let it burn to ashes in the container.

8. Pets

Playing with your dog or cat, holding them and petting them are very calming things to do. These actions serve to calm your body physically, and the physical energy you expend is connected to the psychic energy and will help you mentally.

9. Organization

This method is especially helpful for clearing away the negative mental energy for people who feel like they are being dragged down by their work.

It also works for those people who feel like their lives are cluttered and they simply have too much to do.

Go through your house and organize everything you can as quickly and efficiently as possible. This helps free your mind from the mental muck that can bog it down.

10. Breathing exercises

Before launching on your cleansing journey, do some deep breathing exercises to stabilize your mind and body.

Five Spiritual Cleansing Rituals










1. Spiritual Cleansing With Light

First, you need to sit or lie down in a casual, relaxed position. Start off by taking slow and deep breaths until you have calmed the atmosphere around you and managed to dismiss any distractions that may be occurring around you.

Once you are completely relaxed, visualize a beautiful and peaceful white light surrounding you, completely bathing you in its warmth and flowing through your whole body.

Imagine the light touching, almost caressing every part of you, both inside and out.

Next, visualize the light sending energy into every single cell of your body and pushing out any dark energy from the space deep inside of you and extending outward to several feet or so around your body.

Permit the light to transform any dark, negative energy into a grey light and let it float away from you, thus releasing you from its hold and leaving you with only light surrounding you, and charging your body with positive energy.

After this spiritual cleansing method is completed, you might feel like lighting a candle, or burning incense to finish your cleansing ritual.

2. Spiritual Cleansing With a Salt Bath

This is one of the most favored ways of practicing spiritual cleansing. Beginners seem to benefit from it the most. The reason for this is probably because provides you with a visualization of the cleansing process. It helps establish the mindset necessary for purity to take root.

There is actually a historic precedent for the ritual of purity baths; Why practically every religion known to man includes water in their rituals. In the case of Christianity, there is the symbolic rebirth into Christ through baptism. For Judaism, there is what is called the ‘Mikveh,’ which is a ritual bath. This is used for obtaining spiritual purity.

The Importance of Salt


To help establish a holy experience, put some salt into your bath water. It is recommended that you use unrefined products, such as sea flakes or Himalayan crystals. Do not use regular table salt, which is iodized and refined. It has had most of the natural minerals taken away and will not do for your purpose.

Select your salt and put two or three handfuls into the water and fill your tub. Do not make the water too hot. The reason for this is because if you heat the water to over 100 degrees F, you can actually speed up your nervous system. This is not what you want to do as it will intensify vibrations and disrupt the ritual.

Don’t Wash Yourself


When taking a bath to spiritually cleanse, you shouldn’t use any bathing products whatsoever. This type of bath has to be completely different from your normal, everyday bathing. It is a holy ceremony that is quite separate from a regular bath.

So no soaps. No shampoos, or hair conditioner. ust use this time to connect with your inner self.

3. Smudging

This spiritual cleansing process is also called clearing. It is a ceremony of burning bundles of herbs for the purpose of purification, or spiritual cleansing. The smoke which is released from the burning herbs changes the composition of the air around you.

This change in turn, acts to alter your frame of mind and results in a state of calm. You clear any negative energy from your space and create a pure environment for yourself.

Many relisions have used smudging in their rituals. The Christian burning of frankincense, the Native American burning of various plants, and the Buddhist burning of sticks of incense.

4. Clear Your Home and Heart With Air

This ritual is especially good when practiced in the fall. As the weather becomes cooler, open up your home and heart to the fall breezes. Stand directly in front of an open window and let the breeze of fall to blow right through you, lifting away any negative energy you want to release.

Once you have completed this part of the ritual, light a stick of incense and let it burn in the center of your home. This will help to open your paths to health and prosperity in the next few months.  

5. Cleanse Yourself and Renew Your Spiritual Energy With Earth
Thunderbird Falls Alaska

You need to have either a garden or some pots and potting soil to work with, some autumn leaves, a fireproof container, and an incense holder.

Find a serene spot to do your work. Place the leave in front of you. In the fireproof container, place a spiritual cleansing candle. In the incense holder, set some incense. Light the incense and the candle and let the smoke and aroma roll over you. Think of all the negative things you want to let go of.

Then take the leaves and shred them. Place all of your anger and frustration into the leaves and then place them in the ground or potting soil. Work them thoroughly into the ground or potting soil. Release your past anger, frustrations, and any other negative energies into these leaves. Once you’ve finished this task, plant some seeds and anticipate the new growth in the spring.


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