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Novelist - Artist - Psychic Medium. Shaman - Graphics Artist - Photographer - Voodoo/Hoodoo Practitioner  

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Alexandre Michael services but not limited to - 


-Tarot, Oracle, & Tea Leaf Readings

- Astrology, Personality type, Zodiac charts

- Spirit, Aura & Home Cleansing

- Hypnosis Therapy

- Past Life Regression Therapy

- Intuitive Guidance

- Paranormal Investigating

- Voodoo spells, Products, & More

Alexandre Michael

Alexandre Michael is a Psychic Medium - Shaman, Artist, Novelist, Photographer, and Graphic Designer from New Orleans, Louisiana. He's studied under Richard Knight with the Psychic Development Academy, Uri Gellar, & many more. He's made psychology a life study and has certificates in Hypnosis, Past life Regression, and Counseling. He's experienced in many forms of divination, remote viewing, and astrology.

Alexandre has been a voodoo practitioner for 16 years and has studied herbalism and metaphysics most of his life. He's a published Novelist and published his first novel in 2019. He published his first journalism article and photography for in 2014. 

His Voodoo Dolls appear in a Hollywood film production that is currently being filmed.

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