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Novelist - Artist - Psychic Medium. Shaman - Graphics Artist - Photographer - Voodoo/Hoodoo Practitioner  

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Alexandre Michael services but not limited to - 


- Tarot & Oracle

- Tea Leaf Readings

- Astrology, Personality type, Zodiac charts

- Spirit, Aura & Home Cleansing

- Hypnosis Therapy

- Past Life Regression Therapy

- Intuitive Guidance

- Automatic Writing

- Paranormal Investigating

- Voodoo spells, Products, & More

- Holistic Healing 

- Remote Viewing

Alexandre Michael

Alexandre Michael is a Psychic-Medium- Shaman, Artist, Novelist, Photographer, and Graphic Designer from New Orleans, Louisiana. He's studied under Richard Knight with the Psychic Development Academy, Uri Gellar, IAP College Cert for Life Coaching, Steven Burns for Hypnosis, and many more. He's made psychology a life study and has certificates in Hypnosis, Past life Regression, and Counseling. He's experienced in many forms of divination, remote viewing, and astrology.

Alexandre has been a voodoo practitioner for 16 years and has studied herbalism and metaphysics most of his life. He's a published Novelist and published his first novel in 2019. He published his first journalism article and photography for in 2014. 

His Voodoo Dolls appear in a Hollywood film production that is currently being filmed.

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