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Various Art Projects

From sculptures to mosiacs, and everything in between.

Everything is for sale and available on my Etsy store. I also do custom orders.

Everything here was handmade by Alexandre Michael

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Mosiac Tarot Table

This end table I picked up on a street corner in San Diego. I stripped it, restained it, added embellishments, and mosaic glass to the top then had glass cut to fit the top. The top has iron hands and crystal balls in the corners while the bottom of the rim has black crystal tassles. 

Fantasy Canopy Net

For this canopy net, I added paper flowers I made, along with jeweled beads, and along the top, I made a floral wrap. The top was strung with wire lights that had a remote control to use them. 


Vintage Style Lampshade

Each lampshade I make is unique. They have paper flowers, crystal trims, various ribbons or lace, and exotic feathers and I sometimes use different fabrics on the insides to create a unique light when the lamp is on. Some fabrics will make the lamp a completely differ color when the lamp is on as opposed to when it's off. 

Cream Burlesque Lampshade


I delicately preserve Black Widows as wet specimens along with many more insects to use in art and crafts. 

Black Widow Taxidermy

Tarot Journal

This Journal gives you a history of Tarot, how to use them, and various layouts. It provides you with journal entries to record your readings.

Alien Fertility Sculpture

I actually just sculpted this piece as a joke, but it seems to be quite popular at my Etsy store. Which I thought was amusing, so I will be doing more pieces like this in the future.


Framed Sun Mosiac Light

I refurbished this antique frame by repairing the damage and then repainting it. Then I added a back to it and began the mosaic art. Finally, I added lights to it, which completed the piece to make a unique piece of wall art. :)


Custom Tarot-Oracle Deck - Crystal or Rune Box


This box I stained, and added all the embellishments that I special ordered from Europe. I wanted a unique piece to hold all of my runes and custom tarot decks. I plan to make more and add painted murals to them. I do custom orders as well.

Bohemian Eucalyptus Wall Decor
Made with real eucalyptus, sari silk ribbon, african wooden beads and exotic feathers

This piece I made from a tree branch I found in nature. I added dried eucalyptus branches, satin ribbon and bone beads from Africa. The piece is very aromatic from the dried herbs.

Bohemian Dreamcatchers
They are made with real exotic feathers, leather, tree branches, and various trees per Dreamcatcher. 
Some of them light up with a remote. and have prisms to act as suncatchers during the day. The ribbons are high-quality fabric, and each piece is handmade with attention to detail.

rainbow moon dreamcatcher.jpeg
Small swamp dreamcatcher.jpeg
moon of rainbow dreamcatcher.jpeg
circus dreamcatcher.jpeg
full rainbow dreamcatcher.jpeg

Each piece can be made any size, style, or have lights added to it. 
Lights can come in any color, and we have a large variety of feathers in stock to choose from.

Refurbished Carousel
This is an antique piece that was badly damaged. I repaired it, repainted it, added lights, new embellishments, and a new music box in the base. 


It hangs on the wall and has a remote to light it with various settings on the light. 

Bohemian Wall Hangings
I make various pieces for wall decor. Everything I make I keep 100% authentic materials, all natural and from the earth. The piece below is made from willow branches, sateen fabric ribbon, African carved bone beads, and natural exotic feathers. 


Voodoo Dreamcatcher
This piece I made with skull bone beads, wreaths made from trees in Louisiana, African bone beads, pheasant feathers, color-changing Hemp twine, and sateen ribbon. 

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