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Image by Anne Nygård

Our Services

Tarot & Oracle Readings

We offer online & in-person sessions starting at $60 an hour. 

Paranormal Investigation

Services that include but are not limited to -

-Video recording

-Emf readings


-Psychic readings of location

-Thermal Camera 

-Spirit Box

-Sound Recording & much more


We offer photography sessions that start at $100 an hour with a completed CD of edited photos or a Dropbox download of photos. 

15 years of experience with outdoor, family, wedding, pregnancy, babies, couples, studio, headshot, and themed photography. 

We can even work with AI editing, and graphics for fantasy, gothic, futuristic etc sessions. 

Hypnosis Session

We offer but are not limited to,

-Regression Therapy

-Past Life Regression

-Rapid Induction

Sessions are $120 an hour

Spiritual Cleansing 

We offer

- House Cleansing 

- Body Cleansing Services as well as products for clients to take home

- & Spells for it & Home Cleansing Kits 

Graphic Design

We offer services in but not limited to -

- Graphics

- Vectors

- Website design

- Business cards

- Tags and labels

- Digital Art

- Logos

- Album Covers

& Much More

Image by Anne Nygård
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Please check out my bio to learn more about my training, credentials, and experience. 
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